Customizing Quickbase for Better Business

Why Synctivate? We are a U.S. based team of professionals focused on developing and integrating customized, cloud-based Quickbase applications to help businesses run more efficiently. Our mission is to provide world-class service to businesses across the globe by building and supporting customized software and Quickbase applications.

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Why we do it

At Synctivate, our motivation is clear: we believe that well-organized and efficient software applications bring you more freedom.

This freedom enables you to improve your offerings, develop your skills, grow your business, and enjoy some well-deserved time off, Turning your “To-do’s” into Tah-Dah!

Meet our Leadership Team

Justin Lapier

Justin isn’t just a leader; he’s a pioneer in the software industry. His vision for innovation and knack for creating user-friendly, scalable solutions has helped hundreds of businesses streamline their operations. He’s been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, making him an invaluable asset to any project.

Marguerite Keating

Marguerite is our hackathon hero. She won the 2020 Quickbase Hackathon—a competitive event where developers create custom solutions in a short time frame—showcasing her real-world skillset. True to her winning nature, she makes sure that our projects not only meet but exceed client expectations, delivering real value and driving meaningful results.

James Ohlsson

James oversees Synctivate‘s operations with an eye for detail and a commitment to efficiency. His experience in managing complex projects and optimizing workflows ensures that our clients receive seamless and effective solutions, regardless of their industry or the size of their business.

Project Management

Zach Brown

Senior Project Manager

George Hambel

Senior Project Manager

Dolly Rodgers

Senior Project Manager

Brittney Priebe

Project Manager

Business Development

Rich Beanum

Business Development

Development Team

David Velasquez

Senior Developer

Tyler Foster


Matthew Williams


Jacob Gearhardt


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